HIFA has more than 18,000 members interacting on five global forums in three languages (English, French, Portuguese - Spanish soon).

Want to learn about HIFA? See our introductory video here

Why I joined HIFA

From August 2018 we invite individual HIFA members to share their story about why they joined and HIFA and what HIFA means to you. See our first video from Julie N Reza (HIFA Steering Group)!

We invite all HIFA members to contact us if you would like to share your story about why you joined HIFA and what it means for you. Not yet a HIFA member? Join here (free). We also welcome your comments and suggestions as we develop this new programme.

HIFA Member Files

The HIFA forums do not carry attachments. HIFA members are encouraged to upload files to their own websites and provide URL. Where this is not practical, HIFA members may ask the HIFA moderator to upload files temporarily to this page.