WHO study shows drug could save thousands of women’s lives (2)

28 June, 2018

Dear Neil,

Good to read about the new release of Carbetocin. My only concern is the high cost of Carbetocin. Developing countries cannot afford it.



HIFA profile: Catherine Kamau is a registered nurse from Kenya. She is currently country programmes coordinator for VSI (Venture Strategies Innovations) a USA non-profit NGO which deals with reproductive health in developing countries. She works closely with the community and her area of interest is maternal and child health; HIV/AIDS delivery; nutrition; and immuisation. She is also pursuing a degree in public health and is passionate on child matters. She is currently not convinced that her country is doing enough to help children understand health issues especially chronic diseases; and there are many orphans who are yet to know of their HIV status. Catherine is also concerned that up to 65% of patients don't know their rights and as such go through a lot of problems in the hands of the so called 'medics'.

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