WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018-30 (3)

11 June, 2018

Dear HIFA colleagues.

It is really a great news, that the World Health Assembly adopted the Global Action Plan on Physical activities 2018-30. As WHO retired staff I remember that when in 1987 as WHO Representative in a Regional meeting at EMRO, I have discussed the role of physical activities (PA) on health, some colleagues of mine in EMRO were laughing at me, and saying that what PA is going to do for health. But the Progressive Regional Director Of EMRO, Dr. Gazayeri who always was supporting the innovative ideas kindly have agreed that US$ 5000 be allocated for some projects on PA and Health. Therefore I have initiated some Football and Track matches in Somalia. During the matches education campaign against Smoking and AIDS were carried out for the supporters and Public, by distribution of pamphlets and slogan. It was very well received by the audiences. Also the same activities were carried out in Pakistan in 1992-2000. Need less to say that the popular sport of Cricket was added to the list of matches in Pakistan.

I went further and called the Physical Activities as MULTIPURPOSE VACCINE, which is useful for all age groups, men, women, fat & slim persons. Physical Activities will prevent Communicable & Non Communicable Diseases( NCD). Therefore I am glad that WHO adopted the Global Action Plan on Physical Activities. It is expected that a systemic Public Sport policy will enhance achievement of Health For All as apart of SDGs.

Respectfully. Dr. M.A.Barzegar.

HIFA profile: Mohammad Ali Barzegar is an initiator of Primary Health Care in Iran since 1971, and Representative of People's Health Movement (PHM) Iran. His interest include 45 years of national & international experiences on PHC, Sustainable Development and Public Health. barzgar89 AT yahoo.com