When will developing countries stop importing knowledge? (21)

8 October, 2018

Hi Everyone,

What if the topic was revised from “knowledge importation” to “knowledge transfer”? Will your opinion remain the same? I have attended conferences/seminars in the US delivered by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from sub-saharan countries. How would such situation be classified? The effectiveness and efficiency of global/public/community health will eventually depend on Health Information Exchange (HIE) once adopted via Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems integration and Clinical Decision System (CDS).

On the contrary, practical knowledge importation or transfer may not be beneficial to developing nations without appropriate planning, resources, and Needs Assessment (NA). A practical example is a previously addressed subject in this forum, Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Just because the program is effective in some developed nations does NOT necessarily mean it will in developing nations that are not equipped to operate and sustain the program.

Knowledge transfer/importation drives quality care; therefore, should be encouraged.


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