Offline Health Care Information (10) Practical healthcare information (2)

7 January, 2019


Indeed, I think you have "focussed" on a key issue! That provision of practical "know-how" - reliable, relevant, actionable health care information - available when required offline (once downloaded) and in easily assimilable form e.g. "how-to" video clips, accounts for the good performance in assessments for HIFA of mHealth apps like the International Red Cross/ Red Crescent's First Aid app, the Mother and Child Health Education Trust's HealthPhone, and Hesperian's Safe Pregnancy and Birth app. ( See )

As you say, if valuable sources like Wikipedia could somehow be filtered and drawn upon to provide that sort of information, their use by citizens (and front line health care workers) would surely be increased.

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HIFA profile: Geoff Royston is an Independent Health Analyst and Researcher, former Head of Strategic Analysis and Operational Research in the Department of Health for England, and Past President of the UK Operational Research Society. His work has focused on informing the design, implementation and evaluation of policies and programmes in health and social care, and on fostering the capabilities of others to work in these areas. Associated activities have included modelling for understanding the performance of complex systems, analysis and communication of risk, and horizon scanning and futures thinking. He has also worked on information and communication technology in the health sector, notably in leading the design and national launch of the telephone and online health information and advice service NHS Direct. He has served on both scientific and medical UK Research Council panels, and as an impact assessor for the UK higher education Research Excellence Framework. He is a member of the editorial board for the journal Health Care Management Science and in 2012 was Guest Editor for its special issue on Global Health. He has been a consultant for the World Health Organisation, is a long standing member of the EURO Working Group on Operational Research Applied to Health Services, and is an expert adviser to the mHIFA (mobile Healthcare Information for All) programme. He is also a member of the HIFA working group on Evaluating the Impact of Healthcare Information. geoff.royston AT