New WHO publication: Global guidelines on the prevention of surgical site infection (2)

10 January, 2019

This is a wonderful resource and am glad to be part of this forum. Indeed surgical site infections are very common in Africa. Just yesterday, we lost a 12 year old boy who was done a laparatomy due to bowel obstruction unfortunately the incisions site got infected and we couldn't win the battle of saving his life.

The guidelines will help me facilitate implementation of evidence based practice in the prevention of this problem.

Chikondi chimbatata, Malawi.

HIFA profile: Chikondi Sharon Chimbatata is an advanced child health nurse at Mzuzu Central Hospital in Malawi and has a professional interest in common childhood illnesses such as malaria,

malnutrition, pneumonia, newborn problems, and also sickle cell disease. Email address: chimbatatachikondi AT