New Cochrane EPOC review update: Nurses as substitutes for doctors in primary care (3)

19 July, 2018

Thank you for informing HIFA of the EPOC review on Nurses as Substitutes for Doctors in Primary Care. We have been developing this change to our skill mix in our Out of Hours Urgent Care Service in Oxfordshire for the past 2 years; this timely Cochrane Review is most helpful in providing a robust wider evaluation of these changes. The nurses receive regular clinical supervision, doctor advice is sought for consultations outside our clinical competency.

Making the best use of Nurse and Doctor resources in response to increasing health care needs seems a sensible way forward.

best wishes,

Alison Nicholls RN Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Non Medical Prescriber V300

HIFA profile: Alison Nicholls works at Trinity College, Oxford, UK. alison.nicholls AT