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5 July, 2018

Dear Neil, again on traditional medicine (TM). I keep reading about it from long: I think that medicine is like religion in this aspect. Each of us has his/her faith, including atheism, and to it he will conform his life while keeping good relationship with others.#

To encourage mutual acceptance of different kinds of medicine is the same of encouraging a muslim to accept a prayer in a sunday mass or a christian to observe ramadan. It does not work.

TM is like homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, sciamanism add whatever alternative medicine different from that we (you,I,we) studied at University. Are they accepted in my country? Yes? Well, people are free to follow them. Like to follow a religion should be free in any country.

It is a mistake, in my opinion, to try to accommodate in the same body of principles/concepts, different kind of assumptions or knowledges. It will create confusion, mutual distrust, unnecessarily. Each kind of medicine has intrinsic good and bad: if they are legal and officially accepted in a country then people are free to choose them. But no com-penetration, no false benevolence: let people decide. Once you are there you stay there.



PS. Antivax people worldwide: they are against vaccinations for many reasons, maybe also valid ones. However the law in that country obliges parents to vaccinate children for a certain number of diseases. What to do? Vaccination yes for the provax and no for antivax? It cannot work. Law is one and straight forward: no compromise. Law in this case comes from the official medicine (ours): you are obliged to adhere. Otherwise you change country, as well as kind of medicine.

HIFA profile: Massimo Serventi is a paediatrician at AISPO (Associazione Italiana per la Solidarieta fra I Popoli), Italy. Professional interests include child malnutrition, pediatric hospitals, drugs for children, sustainability of services for children. ser20 AT