Integrating modern medical knowledge into traditional medical practice (7)

10 July, 2018

Thank you Neil for sharing these points on TM and Conventional Medicine.

1 - Virtually all traditional healers have been exposed to conventional/ modern medicine. The experience of China is worth sharing and this may to some extend explain the "resilience" and achievements/ recognition of their practice.

2 - Traditional birth attendants in Cameroon especially in northern regions) were also trained to carry out safe delivery but I can't recall any evaluation/impact of the program. I will find out with the NGO concerned.

3 - Example with Ebola outbreak in West Africa is a clear situation whereby communication (community) has worked.

This could also be termed as patient/community centered care (Quality of Care).

4 - Definitely, considering traditional medical practice into modern medical practice/ mainstream health system will contribute to better access to UHC.

Thanks once more for raising the points.


HIFA profile: Armand Seraphin Nkwescheu is a Public Health Consultant at the Cameroon Society of Epidemiology. Professional interests: Road traffic injury, Neglected Tropical Diseases with emphasis on snakebites and envenoming, Non communicable Diseases, Health systems and Development Evaluation. nkwesch AT