FP (29) Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (7)

6 August, 2018

Dear HIFA Colleagues,

The topic is related to a core course in the Library School but often times, the aspect of reproductive health information in the "literature and library services to the young and youth" is not given in-depth touch. I am speaking on my side of the continent. Our society is not so forceful on that learning for children because of the belief that it is will make them to want to explore and experiment. I believe it should be taught subtly. Here too, some parents in other school of thoughts are taking it as duties to educate their children rightly on that. It is a very sensitive issue here but it is still integrated in the classes either airily or deeply, depending on the teacher.

Ngozi P. Osuchukwu

HIFA profile: Ngozi Perpetua Osuchukwu is librarian at the Madonna University, Nigeria. Professional interests: Community information and engagement, literacy, information development, women, girls and children, social justice and sustainable development. ngostary2k AT yahoo.com