Digital Health for Social and Behavior Change

1 June, 2018

Dear HIFA colleagues,

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Dear Colleagues,

The latest High Impact Practices in Family Planning (HIPs) Social Media Guide focuses on the new HIPs brief: Digital Health for Social and Behavior Change: New technologies, new ways to reach people.

Family planning can be a challenging topic for families and communities, particularly when there are social and cultural stigmas that keep individuals from discussing sexual and reproductive health freely and without fear. Social and behavior change (SBC) is a discipline which incorporates a deep understanding of human and societal behavior — including social and cultural norms — to encourage healthy attitudes and behaviors. SBC is a category of high impact practices for addressing barriers to family planning progress and the environmental determinants that create them. One SBC strategy that has proven effective is using new technologies such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets to convey information and messages over time in a private, accessible way for those that need and want it.

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New #HIPs4FP! Social and behavior change: An essential element of #familyplanning program. How SBC can shape the future of FP in communities, nations & worldwide?

What is social and behavior change? Just what it sounds like! Transforming knowledge, attitudes, norms, and behaviors to build a healthier future. #HIPs4FP

How can we create lasting change? Thru activities that seek to understand & facilitate change in behaviors, social norms & the determinants that drive them. Learn more #HIPs4FP

Social and behavior change can shape demand for services, client interactions, engagement & health behaviors for generations. Why SBC matters for #familyplanning. #HIPs4FP

Community. Values. Advocacy. How can we use tools like these to shape healthy social norms & behaviors for #familyplanning? Learn more #HIPs4FP

What does digital health mean? New technologies can help increase knowledge & uptake of #familyplanning & #reprohealth services! More #HIPs4FP

Phone, tablet, laptop: We carry digital tools with us everywhere. Learn how digital technologies can provide accurate, quality healthy sexual & #reprohealth info anytime. #HIPs4FP

Digital technologies: a powerful new way to reach people & support, maintain, and adopt healthy sexual #reprohealth lives. Learn how #HIPs4FP

Digital technologies have the potential to provide accurate #familyplanning & #reprohealth info to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Learn more #HIPs4FP

How can we improve knowledge of:

-Contraceptive options


-Where to get health services

Digital tools can help! Learn how #HIPs4FP

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