Corrigendum: WHO GLL releases reports on compassion – the heart of quality health services

18 June, 2019

Dear Colleague,

This corrigendum is being issued following the recent email: “WHO GLL releases reports on compassion – the heart of quality health services”. It has come to our attention that some may have received the email without live links. Please do kindly register to the GLL in order to have full access to all reports.


Last year, the GLL announced a co-development call asking for reflections on the role of national authorities, organizational actors, health facilities and patients in delivering and receiving compassionate quality health services. We received much response from GLL members and have a final synthesis report available, which reflects the feedback that was submitted. You can now access the GLL co-development call synthesis report here:

Since the activation of the learning pod on compassion, the GLL has participated in several learning events on compassion. These learning events provided an opportunity to:

· Capture various country experiences [ on compassion.

· Explore the role of compassion through a technical programme [ area for example neglected tropical diseases.

As part of the learning agenda on compassion, a scoping report on compassion and quality of care, along with associated tools and resources has been developed. The report aims to synthesize key literature, organizations, and interventions emerging around the topic of compassion in health care, and to spark thinking around the relationship between compassion and quality within the wider aim of achieving UHC. Click here [ to view the tools, resources and report.

How I join the compassion learning pod an access all mentioned resources? Joining the learning pod affords the opportunity to engage with and identify other resources relevant to Compassion.

· If you are not a member of the Global Learning Laboratory, please register here:

· If you are already a member, please join the Compassion Learning Pod by clicking on the Learning Pod [ tab.


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