Community-based rehabilitation for people with disabilities in LMICs: A systematic review (3) Early child development

7 June, 2018

Hi Neil,

I am happy to read about child disability and successful CBR program

Thanks also to Rachel for your information about the CBR program also implemented in Indonesia, with positive result. However as a pediatrician, I am more concern with the prevention of disability in early childhood (0 -60 months), for that reason we have develop a home based pictorial developmental toolkit to monitor child development and to detect development delay (a proxy of childhood disability). Using this approach we could identify 30-40% children <5 years with development delay and about 5-9% at high risk for disability in rural and underserve areas in Indonesia. With proper management (habilitation) and a system of referral of developmental delay a decrease in number of childhood disability is possible. Our observation using intervention during the early years known as the golden period is more effective than rehabilitation at older age. I am wondering whether other child disability centers in LMIC have the same experience.

If you are interested in early prevention and intervention of childhood disability you contact me at my email address or Suryakanti foundation (

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Anna Alisjahbana

Suryakanti Foundation Bandung


HIFA profile: Anna Alisjahbana is Professor Emeritus, Pediatrician, Neonatologist with SuryaKanti Foundation, Indonesia. Professional interests: Neonatology, Development and Behavioral Pediatrics. alisjahbana.anna AT