BBC: Nigeria mulls birth control policy (9)

27 October, 2018

Dear Stewart,

A little on my background so my argument is understood. I'm a female surgeon, originally from and practicing in Northeast Nigeria.

I agree with you wholly that what Nigeria especially Northern Nigeria needs is better FP services including: I.C.E. (information, communication and education) and access. Many women don't even know of FP nor the available options. The widespread belief even amongst some educated women is that family planning equals OCPs that will make a woman fat or infertile should she chose to have more children.

On the issue of boko haram, my personal opinion is that boko haram resulted from 3 core '˜wicked' problems of poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. More of poverty if I have to lean towards a single factor. Illiteracy dropped down the list for me because there are signs that amongst their members are educated people, and indeed one of the prominent members (who was allegedly killed by the police along with the then leader Mohammed Yusuf) was a Commisioner with a degree in Law.

My last submission is that I don't agree (and suspect you don't either) that a lack of 'capacity of the land to accommodate children born' is responsible for the scourge. Northern Nigeria has the largest documented land mass of the country and with a lot untapped resources and potential to support even more than it is supporting right now.

Best wishes.

HIFA profile: Zainab Yunusa-Kaltungo is a Doctor at Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe in Nigeria. Professional interests: Plastic surgery, burn surgery and burn infection, and Patient safety. drzeeyk AT