Author workshop at the Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Liverpool Monday 8th October

4 October, 2018

Dear All,

At the Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Liverpool we will be giving an author workshop on ‘How to write a good paper and get it published’ on Monday 8th October, 9 – 5 in room 19. Health Systems Global asked us to do this as part of their research capacity building goal that is behind the skills building satellite sessions at the conference. We have worked to ensure that this will be useful to low-middle-income country authors – hence the reason for highlighting it to this group in particular, although it is also suitable for high-income country participants.

Anyone who is registered for the main conference is welcome to attend. We are attempting to get people to sign-up in advance so that we have a GDPR-compliant method of sending the slides and workshop exercises after the session, you can sign up for the slides and exercises even if you aren’t attending. In particular, we would appreciate it if you could pass the details on to early and mid-career researchers and any colleagues who may have expressed the wish for such training. We will be covering some of the research and publication ethics issues that are seen in submissions to our journals, the examples will include things that cause problems for senior researchers and so will make this section useful to more experienced researchers. Please use the survey monkey link at

Post-conference feedback would be gratefully received.

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