2018 HIFA Evaluation Survey (2)

21 October, 2018

Dear Neil,

below please find my answers to points 4,5 and 7 of your survey:

Best regards,

john m.

Question 4: How has your membership of HIFA benefited your work?

I discovered a lot (>7:1) of scientific content but comparatively little practical information (textbooks, tutorial videos etc.) that could be useful to health workers in the field to acquire new skills to be able to intervene when no higher qualified medical person can be reached.

Point 5: Please describe here any specific examples of how HIFA has benefited your work.

The contacts I was able to establish with providers of know-how content allowed me to learn more about the needs of health workers in rural Africa and India and to develop a low-cost solution to share crucial information with these helpers in a language they understand.

Question 7: How can HIFA be more effective in promoting the availability and use of healthcare information?

Take a look at the proposed solution (see pitch deck at https://bizgraphic.ch/Blog/Reducing the number of people dying every day notes.pdf) and either decide to adopt and help curating it or to recommend it for implementation to concerned stakeholders.

A working app (proof-of-concept) is available upon request.

Best regards,

john m.

HIFA profile: John Miescher works with BizGraphic in Switzerland. miescher AT bizgraphic.ch