YouTube wants to be reliable source of health information

27 January, 2021

Extracts below from a news item on Fierce Healthcare. Read online:


The online video platform's push into health will be helmed by Garth Graham, M.D., who will serve as its director and global head of healthcare...

YouTube said that there is a "clear need" for easily understandable and accessible health content online and that much of the content available for patients to access is text-heavy and harder for them to follow...

Graham will report to Karen DeSalvo, M.D., the chief health officer at YouTube's parent company Google...

“A person’s health is a key driver determining quality of life,” DeSalvo said in a statement. “That’s why it is so critically important to equip the public with accurate, credible information about their health and the health of their communities."

"At Google, access to health information has long been a priority and we’re excited to partner with our YouTube colleagues to further the mission of bringing quality health content to the world and improving people’s lives in the process," she said.


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