Webinar: Antibiotic User Guide - a new WHO guidance tool

18 November, 2020

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Dear e-drug subscribers,

We would like to invite you to a webinar introducing the upcoming EML Antibiotic User Guide - a new WHO guidance tool to support the appropriate use of essential AWaRe antibiotics.

Since 2017, the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (EML) has classified antibiotics into Access, Watch and Reserve (AWaRe) categories as a tool to improve antibiotic monitoring and stewardship. The EML is now expanding its guidance on how best to use the AWaRE antibiotics, developing a simple, easy to use guide for the optimal empiric choice of antibiotic drug, dose and duration for children and adults in 35 community- and hospital-acquired clinical infections.

The webinar will be held on Monday 23 November, 3.30pm - 5pm CET.

For full details, and to register for the webinar, please visit:


"CAPPELLO, Bernadette" <cappellob@who.int>


Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator, neil@hifa.org www.hifa.org

Joint Coordinator HIFA Project on Information for Prescribers and Users of Medicines http://www.hifa.org/projects/prescribers-and-users-medicines