Patient safety - medication errors

6 April, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to share the research results. Last year, we published a large study on patient safety in the pharmacotherapy process. We have noted a number of factors that are identified at the nurses / midwives stage. It turns out that this is a very sensitive area that requires training and further research. Nurses are very often the "second victim". Often, despite the illegible order, they rely on their intuition and experience and administer the drug.

Perhaps it is worth considering an international study / project that would raise awareness and safety of the pharmacotherapy process.

I am sending a link to our article.

Wish you health and perseverance in the covid-19 pandemic

Łukasz Rypicz, PhD

International Coordinator

Faculty of Health Sciences

Department of Economics and Quality in Health Care

Wroclaw Medical University

Bartla 5, 51-618 Wrocław


HIFA profile: Lukasz Rypicz works at Wroclaw Medical University, Poland. Professional interests: patient safety, ergonomics in health care. lukasz.rypicz AT