Invitation to Eye Health Africa CIC launch on 28th November 2020 - partner with us to strengthen sustainable eye care systems in Africa

20 November, 2020

Eye Health Africa

Dear HIFA Members,

I take this opportunity to share some positive news about a new (shared learning) initiative to support Eye Health development in Africa, working with strategic partners and stakeholders. We welcome collaborative partnerships.

Eye Health Africa (EHA) CIC is a new social enterprise dedicated to eye screening, treatments and healthcare for marginalised and under-resourced communities in Africa. EHA was formed out of the successful visiting eye project work done in Africa by the London Moorfields Eye Hospital specialists.

As EHA, we are adding to current efforts through collaborative partnerships.


To support the very poor, disabled, and marginalised living in rural areas/slums, who cannot access services, in Africa. Many still don't go to school.

COVID has exacerbated the access challenges, however, through collaborative partnerships we have continued to do our best and add to ongoing efforts. We want this to continue through collaborative partnerships. We also want to share learning with/from others internationally and within the continent/Africa, focusing on marginalised groups.


On behalf of the EHA Team, we kindly invite you to the launch of Eye Health Africa CIC on Saturday 28th November 2020, at 1000hrs GMT London Time.

Please find attached the LINK to the information Flyer and downloadable Launch Brochure.

The registration link is here:

Thank you so much indeed for your kind time and support. We look forward to e-seeing you/your networks at the event.

Yours sincerely

Primrose Magala



Mobile: (UK) +44 7984 885777


HIFA profile: Primrose Magala is Ophthalmic Nurse Practitioner at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in the UK. Professional interests: To work with health partners to establish, The Uganda Eye Hospital & Research Institute Of Ophthalmology. This will enhance ophthalmology services in Uganda which are currently neglected, and ensure access for all. primagala AT