Introducing 'Desired Motherhood' - Natural Family Planning

18 November, 2020


I am a Swiss medical doctor, having worked for 20 years in rural West-Africa.

Since 2013 we - with our partners in Benin and Niger - are developing a simple training method for Natural Family Planning (NFP).

The key is self-observation of cervical mucus, the main fertility sign.

Sticky cercical mucus appears in the vagina several days before ovulation and becomes abundant and liquid around ovulation day.

Thanks to the skill of self-observation women can avoid pregnancies or enhance chances to procreate. This skill is taught women-to-women by female trainers who practice NFP themselves.

The 'Desired Motherhood'-method of Natural Fertility Regulation has several advantages:

a) no costs to the users

b) no side-effects

c) it lets users free

d) no need for external materials or devices

f) well accepted by Catholic and Muslim leaders and communities.

We use a Public Health - Community approach. Instead of individuals having to come to the Health Centre, our trainers go to those villages where they are invited by the leaders. Usually all women and couples of a communty participate.

The key Health-Information I would like to spread to all 214 million women worldwide who want to avoid pregnancy but are not doing contraception is:

Cervical mucus is a reliable sign of your fertile days. With self-observation you can safely avoid unwanted pregnancies. Practical guidance by a female trainer who 'knows herself' is essential.

Looking forward to collaborate. Best wishes Dr Felix


Felix Kuechler, MD, MSc Health Promotion (LSHTM)

Program Director

Coin-du-Carro 3, CH 3972 Miege, Switzerland

HIFA profile: Felix A. Kuechler is a medical doctor and health promotion expert based in Switzerland. He is director of Desired Motherhood, which promotes natural fertility regulation. felix.kuechler AT