HSR 2020 CHW TWG Panel Session Tomorrow

24 November, 2020

Dear HIFA Colleagues

The Health Systems Global Thematic Working Group (TWG) ‘Supporting and strengthening the role of community health workers in health system development’ will be hosting a panel session at HSR 2020 second phase. The session can viewed live on YouTube tomorrow 25 November at 1PM GST / 9AM UTC: https://youtu.be/s83TQAOC220

The goal of the (TWG) is to support the generation, synthesis and communication of evidence on the roll out and functioning of community health worker (CHW) programmes and to enable learning across diverse geographical and political contexts.

In the session the TWG will focus on the role of CHWs in fragile and conflict-affected settings. CHWs play an important role in the provision of community-based services where formal health systems can be (temporarily) weakened or dysfunctional. CHWs and other community-level actors can also play a role in emergency and disaster preparedness and response (disease outbreaks and/or natural disasters).

While it is known that CHWs play important roles – preventive, promotive and often also curative – in various fragile contexts, there is limited evidence about specific circumstances and factors that influence CHWs’ work in these contexts. Even more so than in non-fragile settings, support from the side of the health system and community influence CHW performance, and a lack of such support can lead to overburdened and stressed CHWs. CHWs’ resilience and coping mechanisms in relation to insecurity and disaster need recognition as well. Sharing lessons learned about these topics can enhance CHWs’ roles in fragile and conflict affected settings.

In this session we hope to:

o Identify lessons learnt about the role of CHWs in improving communities’ access to primary health care services in different fragile and conflict-affected settings

o Make recommendations on what can be done to ensure optimal use of CHWs’ potential in emergency preparedness, response and health system recovery in fragile and conflict-affected settings

The session will be chaired by Dr Maryse Kok and the presentations will include an overview on what is known about the role of CHWs in fragile and conflict-affected settings followed by 3 case studies from Sierra Leone, DRC and Malawi. Then there will be an opportunity for questions from the audience and some discussion.

We hope you can join us and you can follow the discussion on twitter: @CHWTWG1 #CHW #HSR2020

Best wishes


Faye Moody

Programme Coordinator

International Public Health Department,

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Pembroke Place, L3 5QA

Tel: +44 151 705 3280

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HIFA profile: Faye Moody is Programme Administrator at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the UK. Professional interests: Secretary to the Health Systems Global Thematic Working Group on Community Health Workers, and also interested in Research Uptake. She is a member of the HIFA working group on information for Community Health Workers. She is a member of the HIFA working group on information for Community Health Workers.



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