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HIFA Outreach Activities

18 November, 2020

Dear colleagues,

I would just like to report that during these unprecedented times HIFA promotion can be alive and well in the virtual milieu as well. I have recently highlighted HIFA (especially HIFA Portuguese) at the Instituto de Microbiologia Paulo de Góes of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where I am a course coordinator for the "Microbiology of sexual transmitted diseases" course. All students and participants were invited to join us.

Furthermore, I gave a talk on the Data Natives Unlimited 2020 virtual conference, which is the largest European gathering of best data scientists and other professionals. The talk entitled "Global Burden of Disease Study: a data-driven comparative health assessment as a prerequisite for global health equity" included 1-2 minute presentation of HIFA at the end to reach many different professionals that may not have been aware of our organization before.

I hope this will increase our pool of members in the future.

Thank you,

Tomislav Metrović, MD, PhD, MPH

HIFA country representative for Croatia

HIFA profile: Tomislav Mestrovic is Assistant Professor / Clinical Microbiologist at University North / Polyclinic "Dr. Zora Profozic", Croatia. Professional interests: Medicine, Research, Higher Education, Science Communication, Science Diplomacy. Email address: tomislav.mestrovic AT gmail.com