EHS-COVID (91) Q2. What has been the impact of health service disruptions on the health and wellbeing of people in your health facility or country? (3) NCD services

24 November, 2020

Dear colleagues

It has been very interesting to read the responses to this email discussion so far. In response to the 2nd question – the impact of health service disruptions on the health and wellbeing of people (as well as in part Q1) - you may be interested to read one of the recent articles in our OpEd series ‘Primary Care Perspectives’ – ‘Ensuring Access to NCD Services: Spotlight on the role of Primary Care’

Co-authored by a number of colleagues at National Institute of Health, Mozambique (Ana Mocumbi, Edna Juda & Chamila Adam) and WHO’s Bente Mikkelsen, it provides examples of the impact of Covid-19 on NCD services in Mozambique, as well as specific examples of how people living with NCDs have been affected:

“The number of patients whose chronic illnesses deteriorated (including congestive heart failure, hypertensive crisis, decompensated diabetes mellitus) increased because many remained at home without medication”

In summary the article highlights how the pandemic has served to put a spotlight on the need to strengthen health infrastructures with primary health care at their core – and how we must include NCDs as a priority in post-COVID-19 support for health systems.

Jane Lennon

Communications Manager

Primary Care International

Skype: jane.lennon87

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