EHS-COVID (82) Giving priority to the immunization of frontline health workers, including community health workers, against COVID

22 November, 2020

Dear colleagues with an Interest in primary health care and community health:

This article highlights some important issues that need to be considered in the global distribution of the COVID vaccine.

Beyond the Rhetoric of Equity: Will the Frontline Healthcare Workers Who Serve the Poor be Prioritized for COVID Vaccine?

Published in Center for Global Development, November 12, 2020

Authors: Asif Saleh, Maria Khan and Richard A. Cash

'By now we are familiar with the stories about the heroic endurance and sacrifice of healthworkers worldwide. These stories have helped garner widespread political commitments for “equitable distribution” of vaccines. It has been widely accepted globally that frontline healthcare workers should be among the first to receive the first COVID vaccines, when an effective, affordable, and acceptable one is developed.'

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