EHS-COVID (68) Q1 How has COVID-19 affected the delivery of essential health services? (10) Impact on elective care in England

20 November, 2020


Elective care in England

Assessing the impact of COVID-19 and where next

11 November 2020

- While the pandemic’s full impact on access to elective care in England is still emerging, this long read uses routine data on 18-week waiting times for consultant-led elective care to look at what we know so far.

- Before the pandemic, meeting the 18-week standard would have required the NHS to treat an additional 500,000 patients a year for the next 4 years - an unprecedennted increase in activity, which looked unrealistic before COVID-19 and looks even harder now.

- The number of people waiting for consultant-led elective care was 4.2 million in August 2020, around 196,000 less than at the end of 2019 (4.4 million). But this is only the case because the 32% reduction in the number of elective care pathways completed was exceeded by the 34% reduction in the number of new pathways being started.

- From January to August 2020, the specialties with the greatest reductions in new pathways were oral surgery, trauma and orthopaedics, and ophthalmology (42%, 42% and 40% lower respectively than in the same period in 2019).


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