EHS-COVID (5) Stroke systems of care in LMICs (2) Impact of COVID on cancer care

30 October, 2020


The question of how COVID-19 has affected the care of patients on the front line in low and middle income countries with NCDs is worth highlighting. To mark next month's London Global Cancer Week ( INCTR UK is inviting health care professionals, patients and their supporters in LMICs to share short descriptions of 50 words or less summarising how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the care of cancer patients in their country. Selected entries will be posted on the LGCW 2020 website and included in the online (free to view) edition of INCTR's Annual Cancer Control 2020 ( There is a lot to talk about and, by sharing our experiences, we can show up the areas of need and help light the way forward into the post-pandemic world. Summaries should be sent to me at by midnight GMT on Monday 2 November.

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HIFA profile: Mark Lodge is Director of Programme Development at the International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research, Oxford, UK. The INCTR is dedicated to helping to build capacity for cancer treatment and research in countries in which such capacity is presently limited, and thereby to create a foundation on which to build strategies designed to lessen the suffering, limit the number of lives lost, and promote the highest quality of life for children and adults with cancer in these countries, and to increase the quantity and quality of cancer research throughout the world. mlodge AT