EHS-COVID (304) Community epidemic management strategies and COVID-19 in South Sudan

17 May, 2021

The May 2021 issue of the South Sudan Medical Journal carries an article on ‘Community epidemic management strategiesand COVID-19 in South Sudan’ which investigated existing community infectious disease management strategies outside the clinical healthcare sector, to better understand how communities respond to infectious disease outbreaks. The research demonstrated extensive local methods for infection control and epidemic management which, while they may not reach current clinical standards, provide a strong foundation for collaborative approaches to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other dangerous diseases. The authors suggest that working with local strategies and frontline non-clinical healthcare providers is key to building a trusted and sustained response toCOVID-19 and other epidemics.

Citation: Kindersley & Majok. Communityepidemic management strategies and COVID-19 in South Sudan. South Sudan MedicalJournal 2021; 14(2):35-37 © 2021

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