EHS-COVID (257) WHO COVID-19 Health Services Learning Hub

9 April, 2021

Dear HIFA Forums members,

We would like to announce that the WHO COVID-19: Health Services Learning Hub (HLH) is now live! The HLH is a dynamic new platform that uses innovative approaches to collate, document and synthesize emerging areas of learning on the maintenance of essential health services to support countries during the #COVID19 pandemic and beyond, including the recovery and post-pandemic phase.

You can access the website here:

The HLH is a place for knowledge and experience sharing - everyone can be involved in the platform's creation. There are numerous ways to be part of this learning journey:

- Submit an Action Brief to share an innovative way that helps in maintaining essential health services that were impacted by COVID-19. More info here:

- Share relevant materials that can be uploaded to our Knowledge Hub:

- Sign-up to Learning Laboratories - communities of practice focused on key learning themes:

If you have any questions or have some other ideas for potential engagement/collaboration, drop us an email:

Thank you for your interest,

HLH Team

Jagoda Khatri

Project Support, COVID-19: Health Services Learning Hub

World Health Organization

HIFA profile: Jagoda Khatri works with the COVID-19: Health Services Learning Hub at the World Health Organization, Geneva. She is a member of the HIFA working group on Essential Health Services and COVID-19. Email: khatrij AT