EHS-COVID (208) Remote consultations - practical guidance

27 January, 2021

We are delighted to share with you a highly practical new resource on remote respiratory consultations: when and how to use them. It includes a two-page desktop helper and three separate infographics:

* A checklist for clinicians on how to prepare

* A checklist for patients on how to prepare

* An infographic adapted from Wherton's paper on five types of talk to support video consultations.

The examples used are for respiratory symptoms but much applies to all remote consultations in primary care. It was drawn on both the emerging evidence and also the experience of patients and primary care clinicians from low, middle and high income countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Nepal, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and UK. It also gives examples of app-based technology that could be used and useful tests that can be done remotely.

Our next steps are to provide it in translation and to demonstrate on video.

Hilary Pinnock, from IPCRG, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has promoted remote consultations from occasional use to first-line contact for almost all consultations. Many people have appreciated their convenience and we anticipate both face-to-face and remote consultations will become a normal part of our respiratory care in the future. However, once the pandemic recedes, colleagues will want to know how to achieve a good balance, and to include remote consultations as a safe and effective option in their clinical care.”

This desktop helper was supported by Boehringer Ingelheim in terms of the development, typesetting, printing and associated costs but they did not contribute to the content.

Actions - please

1. Do download and share with your contacts and networks

2. Suggest other resources that we might produce to help support effective remote respiratory consultations

3. If you would like to help us organise translation/adaptations (together with our partner Translators without Borders) please contact Nicola Connor

Kind regards

Siân Williams


Professor Janwillem Kocks

President IPCRG

HIFA profile: Sian Williams is Chief Executive Officer at the International Primary Care Respiratory Group in the UK. Professional interests: Implementation science, NCDs, primary care, respiratory health, education, evaluation, value, breaking down silos. AT