EHS-COVID (112) Register Today! IBP Covid-19 Task Team Webinar Series: Regional Experiences on FP Programming from Asia--Thursday 10 December

5 December, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Just a reminder to register for the IBP Covid-19 Webinar on Regional Perspectives on FP Programming next Thursday December 10th at7amEST/18:30Myanmar/20hMalaysia/Philippines. Note the webinar will be in English with French interpretation.

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From: THATTE, Nandita

Sent: Saturday, November 28, 2020 12:02 PM


Subject: IBP Covid-19 Task Team Webinar Series: Regional Experiences from Asia--Thursday 10 December 7amEST/18:30Myanmar/20hMalaysia/Philippines

Dear IBP Colleagues

As a follow up to the Covid-19 Webinars we held in April 2020, the IBP Covid-19 Task Team will be hosting follow up Regional Webinars to re-visit and learn about challenges and successes in maintaining family planning and reproductive health services during the Covid-19 pandemic. The first in our series will feature regional and country experiences from Asia.

Please register below and join us on Thursday December 10th at 7amEST/13hCEST/18:30hMyanmar/20hPhilippines

Register Here:

To join the IBP Covid-19 Task Team, visit: à IBPXchange à Covid-19 Task Team

HIFA profile: Nandita Thatte is a Technical Officer at the World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. She is a member of the HIFA working group on Family Planning.