Coronavirus (1175) Vaccines, immunisations and COVID-19 - CoVIAN Project platform

23 February, 2021

Hello Advocates and Stakeholders in Health and Development,

Welcome to the CoVIAN Project platform of Afrihealth Optonet Association [CSOs Network]. CoVIAN stands for the 'Coalition for Vaccines and Immunizations for All Nigerians'. The CoVIAN project's main objective is to promote and support the uptake of approved and appropriate vaccines, vitamins, minerals, and immunizations by and for all Nigerians, using Afrihealth's PARCOM Strategy i.e. partnerships/collaborations; advocacy, communications, and social mobilization (ACSM); research and evidence generation; capacity development; outreach interventions; and monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL).

Starting 01-March-2021, Afrihealth Optonet Association [CSOs Network] shall provide open unfettered discussions about vaccines, vitamins, minerals, and immunization services; and every stakeholder shall have the opportunity to voice out, be heard, and hear others. You'll be offered the opportunity to speak your mind in an informed manner, share your fears, get explanations, acquire new knowledge about the subjects including COVID-19, and make informed choices about them.

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Afrihealth Optonet Association is a civil society network and think-tank of about 600 (Six Hundred) organizations across Africa, the Caribbean and global South for Systems Strengthening in Health; Energy, Climate Change and Environment; Nutrition and Food Security; and Gender, Good Governance, Democracy, Human Security, Rights and Dignity; Human Capital Development; promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). AFRIHEALTH is committed to the propagation of ‘Health’ as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being through Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and health systems strengthening, especially in the areas of the SDGs, diseases prevention, provision of care and impact mitigations using partnerships, advocacy, research/evidence-generation, capacity development, outreaches, and monitoring and evaluation as strategies; focusing on rural and poor urban communities, vulnerable and disadvantaged populations; and exploring the interlinkages between Health, Energy, and Environment, Nutrition and Food Security, and Gender, Good Governance, and Human Rights. AFRIHEALTH promoted the establishment of the Nigeria UHC Advocacy Group (NUHCAG) and is a member of the Health Care Financing and Investments Technical Working Group (TWG) for UHC at the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria. It is a member of Women-Major-Groups, NGO-Major-Groups and Together-2030. Afrihealth has a Consultative Status at the United Nations ECOSOC; and had successfully implemented the ‘Sustainable Citizens Participation in Nigeria’s Niger Delta’ Project on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund during 2017-2018, among others.


Dr. Uzodinma Adirieje.

Project Director/CEO,

CoVIAN Project/AFRIHEALTH Optonet Association



The Coalition on Vaccines, Vitamins and Immunizations for All Nigerians [CoVIAN] is a global movement of Nigerians, friends of Nigeria and stakeholders on immunization in Nigeria, being promoted by Afrihealth Information Projects/Afrihealth Optonet Association; for the purpose of promoting immunizations, and supporting and strengthening national immunization systems, through partnerships (PPP), advocacy, research/evidence-generation, capacity development/strengthening and outreaches/community interventions; in order to ensure diseases prevention, better life/health, improved standards of living, and social well being of Nigerian communities [rural, poor urban, urban and city] and their inhabitants, especially children/infants, women, the elderly, poorest of the poor and vulnerable populations.

Coalition on Vaccines, Vitamins and Immunizations for All Nigerians [CoVIAN]


Suite 216, Block G, FHA Cornershop, Lugbe, Airport Road, Abuja

P.O. Box 8880, Wuse Abuja, Nigeria

Ph: +234 803 472 5905



HIFA profile: Uzodinma Adirieje is a Health and Development Systems Strengthening and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Specialist, Writer/Columnist, Health Economist, Health & Environment/Energy/Climate Development Advocate, Fed. Govt Accredited Management Trainer/Facilitator, Evaluator & Certified Management Consultant. He is CEO & UN/ECOSOC Representative of Afrihealth Optonet Association - a 22-years old civil society network/coalition of about 600 member-organizations in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Haiti, Malawi and Uganda with focus on Health, Energy/Environment, Nutrition/Food Security, and Gender/Good Governance/Human Rights using Partnerships, Advocacy, Research, Capacity Dev't, Outreaches, Monitoing & Evaluation (M&E). Among other professional services, he’s also the Chairman, Civil Society Organizations Strategy Group on Sustainable Dev’t Goals (CSOSG-SDGs) in Nigeria; Country Group Lead, Civil Society Consultations on 2020 Voluntary National Review (VNR) of the SDGs, Nigeria; Executive Secretary, Nigeria Universal Health Coverage Actions Network (NUHCAN); National President, Nigerian Association of Evaluators (NAE); Member, National Core Working Group on 2020 Voluntary National Review (CWG-VNR), Nigeria; President, Society for Conservation and Sustainability of Energy and Environment in Nigeria (SOCSEEN). He was roject Director of the UNDEF-funded Project which promoted the SDGs in 81 Niger Delta communities (2017-2018) and Chairman, national World Malaria Day Committee 2019 in Nigeria.