Commemorating Human Rights Day and World Down Syndrome Day - insights from the 2020 SAHR

24 March, 2021

If you have yet to download the latest edition of the South African Health Review <> (SAHR), the recently commemorated Human Rights Day and World Down Syndrome Day this past weekend is a reminder to take a look.

In their chapter Framing the debate on how to achieve equitable health care for persons in South Africa, Hannah Kuper and Jill Hanass-Hancock argue that an increased focus on persons with disabilities is needed urgently if the country is to achieve Universal Health Coverage. The authors argue that pockets of good practice exist that can inspire thinking on ways to improve health-service access, but greater levels of political will, leadership, and funding are required to implement the robust disability-inclusive policies and plans that exist in South Africa. Read the full chapter here

Sharon Kleintjes and colleagues also prompt us to remember the role of family caregivers who often experience caregiver burden. This includes physical health issues, personal isolation, lack of respite services, employment concerns, financial concerns, poor emotional health, and giving up on personal aspirations. By facilitating access to necessary resources that assist both the person with disability and his/her family, social workers can also relieve the caregiver burden often experienced by family members as informal caregivers. Read the full chapter < on the role of social workers in addressing caregiver burden in families of persons with disabilities here<

The 2020 edition of the South African Health Review focuses on 'Access to health care for persons with disabilities in South Africa'. A comprehensive overview of the content covered in this edition can be found in the attached pdf: Chapters at a glance

The full 2020 SAHR can be downloaded here<>.

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HIFA profile: Emma-Louise Mackie is a South African Health Review Coordinator for Health Systems Trust in South Africa. Professional interests: Health systems, health policy and implementation, public health, universal health coverage, national health insurance, equitable healthcare. Email address: sahr AT