World Vasectomy Day (5) Myths about vasectomy (2)

28 June, 2018

A belief that men impregnate warrant men no to go for vasectomy. Men believe that for continuity of human race or procreation they are supposed to have children, having children is a necessity hence going for vasectomy implicate them of not continuing the human race. Even where women have undergone tubal ligation gender based violence is at its peak.

I agree that women by virtue of pregnancy and after looking at the implications of having many children make these women to make right decisions for not having more children hence tubal ligation. There are so many factors‚ though myths and misconceptions take large part for men to make decisions. Knowledge is power, but data to the other extent surely change the mindset of how we deal with these sensitive topics. Cultural perspective, Fear of unknown, side effects, cancer of prostate, not to be sexually active, men not to be hot ,malfunctioning of libido and sleepless nights due to pain after surgery are some of the issues to be taken on board. Research on vasectomy is very limited to identify barriers to uptake of vasectomy as family planning method. Thanks.

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