Why do children die? Circumstances of child deaths in Mali and Uganda (8)

12 June, 2018

Hi Neil

I haven't had time to read through the 9 pages of Who is caring for the Newborn as yet but I just wondered if you or Sue, could clarify for me the stats that

"80% of infants are born in a Facility". Is that a clinical setting?

Is that 80% of ALL infants born globally


80% of all babies born in a first world country (if thats a definition still allowed to be used, with clinical infrastructure and health service delivery).

I am keen to find out the effectiveness of the Essential new born Care course and how they might be integrated into the Development of Neonatal Nursing Standards of Care

And, potentially, the 'Baby Steps towards Better outcomes' suggestion.

My personal focus for improving infant mortality is to look at a global approach to addressing and improving fundamental neonatal care for all; not just improving outcomes for those lucky enough to be born within a clinical setting.

I think it was EWEC recently text that with health being a human right, no one should be left behind.

So, whilst further advances in global neonatal nursing Standards of Care are developed, ways to improve outcomes for those babies born into LRI, outside clinical resources and governance, need to be effectively addressed to reduce the current gap.

Thanks for the updates


CHIFA profile: Judy Hitchcock is a Registered nurse and board member of the Council of International Neonatal Nurses. She is based in New Zealand. Her neonatal experience has been gained from working in tertiary, provincial and remote rural settings in NZ and Australia. These experiences have been shared regularly through reflective journaling in the UK Journal of Neonatal Nursing and in NNCA newsletters (Neonatal Nursing College Aotearoa); she has been a member of the UKJNN editorial committee for the past seven years. She attends and presents at international and national conferences on topics that promote family engagement and has a particular interest in using informatics to teach parents and students effectively. She is keen to see greater use of social media to engage with neonatal nurses around the world and currently promotes topical neonatal news feeds on behalf of COINN on Facebook and Twitter. She can see the potential to promote endorsed apps that enhance neonatal nursing education, provide support for neonatal families and could assist in furthering the Sustainable Development Goals.