WHO: World Hepatitis Day (3) World Hepatitis Alliance

2 August, 2018

Dear Dr Hussain,

If you would like a contact who can help you reach out to appropriate “clinical researchers and Hepatitis B stakeholders who are working to develop Hepatitis B treatment and prevention strategies” I would recommend the World Hepatitis Alliance as an organisation with excellent contacts. (Conflict of Interest: I work for the publisher of Hepatology, Medicine and Policy which is affiliated with both the World Hepatitis Alliance and with the International Network on Hepatitis in Substance Users (INHSU).) While I can’t share their email addresses on a public group, you can find them on Twitter at @Hep_Alliance and the CEO, Raquel Peck at @RaqPeck, their contact us details can be found at http://www.worldhepatitisalliance.org/about/contact-us

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