WHO: World Hepatitis Day (2)

1 August, 2018

Thanks Neil for sharing this.

My current work with Hepatitis Education Project in Seattle WA, requires development of Hepatitis B program.

I will appreciate it if I am able to connect with clinical researchers and Hepatitis B stakeholders who are working to develop Hepatitis B treatment and prevention strategies.

Hepatitis B screening and diagnosis requires a blood draw unlike HEP C for which rapid screening test with a single needle prick is available. Also HEP C is treatable while Hepatitis B is managed to reduce the viral load. The high prevalence of HEP B in Asian and African born immigrants puts them at a disadvantage due to disparities in allocation of funding for prevention efforts. Although HEP B vaccine is available it is not universally used.

I am interested to learn more from practitioners and stakeholders, specifically what has worked for them and where more efforts are needed.

Thank You,


Dr. Shabina Hussain, MBBS, DPH, MPH

Independent Global Health Consultant

Seattle, WA, USA

HIFA profile: Shabina Hussain is an independent global health consultant and is based in the USA. Professional interests: Maternal & Child Health, Family Planning, Reproductive & Sexual Health, women's rights, survival of girl child, poverty eradication, Prevention of Infectious diseases. hussain.shabina@gmail.com