WHO handbook on national quality policy and strategy

11 June, 2018

Dear Colleague,

The WHO initiative on national quality policy and strategy (NQPS) continues to move forward. The WHO handbook on national quality policy and strategy is now available on the WHO website, alongside information on the NQPS initiative. The handbook outlines a practical approach for the development of national policies and strategies to improve quality of care, and is supplemented by a draft compendium of tools and resources, which is available on the Global Learning Laboratory (GLL). The handbook is available here: http://www.who.int/servicedeliverysafety/areas/qhc/nqps_handbook/en/

As part of the release of the NQPS Handbook, tools and resources that support the development and execution of national quality policies and strategies have also been collated.The NQPS tools and resources compendium signposts a number of tools, reports and country examples that can provide further support to those developing national quality policy and strategy, and is now live within the NQPS learning pod on the GLL. The ‘Tools and Resources’ tab is featured on the left-hand side of the learning pod.

As many of you know, this handbook has been co-developed with essential input and direction from colleagues across WHO, expert technical partners and, crucially, country-level policy makers who have first-hand experience in developing and implementing quality policies and strategies. Thank you to all who have provided such valuable contributions throughout the development and consultation phase.

We hope these NQPS resources will be of value to you as you support efforts to improve quality of care. The team here looks forward to your continued engagement with the GLL so that we can learn from you as you share your ongoing experiences in relation to national quality policies and strategies. Feel free to share this handbook within your own networks.

How do I participate as a member of the WHO GLL NQPS Learning Pod?

If you are already a member of the GLL interactive platform, please access the NQPS community by clicking on the ‘Learning Pod’ tab on the left hand side of the GLL platform. If you are not a member of the Global Learning Laboratory, we encourage you to register here.

If you have any questions, please contact the GLL team at GLL4QUHC@who.int .

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