The WHO Astana Declaration: Where lies the future of primary health care?

7 November, 2018


may be of interest for the HIFA forum. [*see note below]

Where lies the future of primary healthcare? BMJ Programmes and Partnerships Manager Elisa Roma shares the three main points she brought home from the Astana 2018 conference, in BMJ Global Health Blogs

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[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Thank you Ruth. For the benefit of those who may not have immediate web access, here are the three main points:

'Firstly... the future of primary health care lies in the digital revolution and the use of technology to improve service access and quality. The Declaration of Astana clearly stresses this commitment: “Through digital and other technologies, we will enable individuals and communities to identify their health needs, participate in the planning and delivery of services and play an active role in maintaining their own health and well-being”.

'Secondly, a thriving primary healthcare system is one that relies on building partnerships with health professionals, academia, patients, civil society, local and international partners, agencies and funds, faith-based organisations, as well as with the private sector...

'The last lesson I took home is that primary health care systems of the future should meet the needs of different segments of the population...

'BMJ, a company which blends medical expertise, editorial knowledge and innovative technologies to support clinical practice and learning, can play a pivotal role in building this future.']