When will developing countries stop importing knowledge? (32) Health in Zimbabwe (2)

17 October, 2018

Dear Obi and All

Thank you for your response. In my initial response to Charles you perhaps recall what I said. Zimbabwe lacks no expertise, intelligence nor 'know how' but the financial capacity, policies and red tap. Our policies are clearly not in place and virtually no accountability whatsoever! Our situation in Zimbabwe is clearly self inflicted and seem not an urgent political agenda for a long time. You can have the most intelligible ideologies and concepts for Zim but they have no room to stand a chance of execution as everything is politicised!!! I am not political personally but only a public health research person. Our biggest problem is fear to drive such scientific ideas to our politicians: the gap continues to widen and yet our problems are deepening in a fierce rate.


HIFA profile: Flora Todlana is a researcher at the Evelyn Oldfield Unit in the UK. Professional interests: Research in public health: epidemiology; trauma in displaced families; type 2 diabetes melitus. hanyanaflo AT gmail.com