When will developing countries stop importing knowledge? (16)

7 October, 2018

Dear all,

Thanks to Prof Sandy. "The values comes from importing knowledge critically, taking into account "local' circumstances". Well said and I agree with the Director. I also thank Prof for sharing the link to the open access paper he mentioned. It is clear that knowledge is importable all the time and nothing can prevent this. The issue is that African countries seem to import goods and missing the point that behind a product reaching you, there is a knowledge/know how behind. I may postulate that nature provide anything everywhere but it is left to people living somewhere to observe, domesticate/appropriate to solve their problems.

Health is one of such domains where Africans (both leaders and intellectuals) should acknowledge they don't have to import without discrimination. I mean they can't afford to learn by experience all the time if ever they do.


HIFA Profile: Armand Seraphin Nkwescheu is a Public Health Consultant at the Cameroon Society of Epidemiology. Professional interests: Road traffic injury, Neglected Tropical Diseases with emphasis on snakebites and envenoming, Non communicable Diseases, Health systems and Development Evaluation.

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