What India needs to do to address the snakebite burden

10 June, 2018

Dear HIFA Colleagues

The World Health Assembly last month made a historic resolution which gives WHO the mandate to act on snakebite. More than half the deaths due to snakebite happens in India. There is a need for India to act on it and have written an opinion pieces on it recently : https://thewire.in/health/snake-bite-envenomation-the-public-health-prob...

I am very keen to hear about what other countries are doing to address the burden of snakebite and learn from it.

Best Wishes



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HIFA profile: Soumyadeep Bhaumik was the HIFA Country Representative of the Year for 2012, and is a medical doctor from India working in the field of evidence syntheses. He has previously worked as a Senior Research Scientist at the South Asian Cochrane Network and Centre, India and as a Biomedical Genomics Fellow in BioMedical Genomics Centre, Kolkata. He has also consulted for evidence synthesis projects for Evidence Aid, Oxford UK and Public Health Foundation of India.He currently studies international public health in the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. In addition he has experience in science and research communication and has written for British Medical Journal, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Lancet and Lancet Oncology and National Medical Journal of India. Soumyadeep is a member of the HIFA working group on Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice. http://www.hifa.org/projects/evidence-informed-policy-and-practice


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