Wellcome Trust: Mental health - transforming research and treatments (2)

11 January, 2019

hello Neil,

Kindly help me with details of how to engage with this information. [*see note below]

Kind regards,

Mate Muthoni

HIFA profile: Caroline Mate Muthoni is a medical epidemiologist based in Kenya. Currently working as a Monitoring and Evaluation adviser for a CDC-HIV program under the University of Nairobi that is mainly aimed at setting up and implementing sustainable health systems in collaboration with the governments and communities for the improvement of HIV/AID prevention and treatment. sonimate AT gmail.com

[*Note from HIFA moderator (Neil PW): Hello Mathoni, further inforamtion is here:


My understanding is that this is an announcement of a new research funding programme. The first call for proposals has not yet been issued. The website says: 'We will be developing calls over the coming year.' The contact email address is: mentalhealth@wellcome.ac.uk ]