UN HLM on UHC multi-stakeholder hearing- 29 April 2019

19 February, 2019

Dear All,

Newsflash: Special Accreditation application is open until 3 March


The President of the General Assembly, with the support of the World Health Organization and UHC2030, will convene an interactive multi-stakeholder hearing on 29 April 2019 at the United Nations in New York, as part of the preparatory process for the UN High Level Meeting on UHC (UN HLM on UHC) (https://newsletter.uhc2030.org/t/t-l-otithg-l-x/)

The hearing encourages the active participation of representatives of Member States, observers of the General Assembly, parliamentarians, representatives of local government, relevant United Nations entities, non-governmental organizations in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council, invited civil society organizations, philanthropic foundations, academia, medical associations, the private sector, and broader communities, with an opportunity to share experiences and contribute constructively to the preparation of the high-level meeting.

How To Take Part:

If your organization wants to attend the interactive UHC multi-stakeholder hearing as part of the preparatory process for the UN (https://newsletter.uhc2030.org/t/t-l-otithg-l-m/) High-Level (https://newsletter.uhc2030.org/t/t-l-otithg-l-c/) Meeting on UHC (https://newsletter.uhc2030.org/t/t-l-otithg-l-q/), then you need to apply for special accreditation.

The application process is open (https://newsletter.uhc2030.org/t/t-l-otithg-l-a/) until 3rd March. There is only one accreditation process, valid for both the multi-stakeholder hearing on 29th April and the UN HLM on 23rd September. Don't miss it!

Special accreditation is necessary for relevant non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, academic institutions, philanthropic foundations, medical associations and the private sector to attend the high-level meeting and participate in the interactive multi-stakeholder hearing.

Please note that UN member states, UN entities, and non-governmental organizations in consultative status with ECOSOC, do not need to apply for accreditation.

To start the accreditation process, please visit this UN web page (https://newsletter.uhc2030.org/t/t-l-otithg-l-f/).

Once you have received special accreditation, you can register for the Hearing from 13rd March until 27th March.

For more details about Special Accreditation and Registration Process of the UN HLM and its hearing, please see the note for accreditation and registration guidelines here (https://newsletter.uhc2030.org/t/t-l-otithg-l-z/).

You can apply here https://newsletter.uhc2030.org/t/t-l-otithg-l-v/

All my best regards.

Isabelle Wachsmuth

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