Traditional healers can treat diseases that modern medicine cannot (26) Traditional healers and mental illness (2)

6 August, 2018

Hi Dhewa and everyone.

Which interventions were used by the traditional healers to relieve or cure the mental health problems that you are referring to? Which mental health problems were they? [*see note below]

I think it's hard to attribute the relief or cure of the mental health problems in question to traditional medicine, without scientific evidence. We should make every effort to use scientific methods to prove the efficacy of interventions for health problems, at least in this day and age where we can borrow a leaf from advanced health systems. Partnerships with knowledgeable researchers and mobilisation of resources will help us build evidence from hypotheses.

Best regards

Dr Musafiri Rogers

HIFA profile: Musafiri Rogers is a Family Physician based in Rwanda. Professional interests: Provision of high quality primary health care. mrofre AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): THis is in response to Charles Dhewa, Zimbabwe, who wrote: "I have seen a number of cases where traditional medical practices have successfully reversed mental health challenges when modern doctors and hospitals could only recommend pain killers and counselling. Unfortunately, there is a myth that African traditional practitioners are able to cause mental problems as much as they are able to heal them."]