Three Lessons We Can Learn from 40+ Years of Community Health Worker Programs (5) Vula Mobile

11 July, 2018

Dear Dr. M.A. Barzegar,

We developed the Vula Mobile system for connecting a network of health professionals. The Network effect is important because as much as would like the health system to work in perfect systems there is so much complexity. Health workers move around, people present with more than one complaint/condition.

It is currently used by 28 types of health worker, from community health workers, clinical associates, nurses, doctors, optoms, physios etc and 17 different specialities. In 892 health practises and 4985 health professionals.

The peripheral health workers love the case by case feedback. (Average response time is <15mins because we publish response times and Drs get competitive). The average reduction in physical referrals to overloaded specialists is 31%. The health administrators love using the online dashboard to get both a real time view of referrals as well as data over time to restructure their health systems.

It is currently only available in South Africa, but we are busy approaching funders to make it more widely available. We have letters from 16 countries and each additional one strengthens our case.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Dr Will Mapham

MBChB FCOphth, Founder of Vula Mobile.

HIFA profile: William Mapham is Founder of Vula Mobile in South Africa. william AT