Is there a role for trado-medicine in the Nigerian health sector? (8)

3 January, 2019

At the risk of over-burdening this list with Chrises (my former boss, another Chris, used to say the collective noun for us was "a crisis of Chrises"), may I second Chris Chan when he says, "I am quite surprised that the same topic is brought up again (and again)" on this list. And each time it is our worthy moderator who asks a variant of the question "Is there any evidence that traditonal medicne works?, that it doesn't lead to failures to get allopathic treatments?, etc." And each time the list responds by citing the requested evidence. Unlike other discussion topics, it seems these responses are not summarized for the HIFA archives and so we go through the topic repeatedly.

May I then suggest 1) that the past discussions on the role of TM be summarized, and 2) that Neil and other contributors set forth the alternative view clearly: could you kindly share the evidence that TM doesn't work, that it is worse than the alternatives, etc?

Happy New Year to all!



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