Tackling climate change in Hindu Kush Himalayan region

13 October, 2018

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The worst impacts of climate change and global warming issues made Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region vulnerable due to many reasons. The worst-affected people and the countries as well of the HKH region are working together to be a part of the solution to survive. Studies suggest that the climate may warm by two degree Celsius by the end of this century. It means mountain communities could expect a 3-4 degree rise, an event that would have dire consequences for people living in the Hindu Kush Himalaya, indeed, the need to build resilience has never been more urgent...

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Tackling climate change in HKH region

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PARVEZ BABUL, the Daily Observer, October 06, 2018.

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Journalist, columnist, poet and author

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

HIFA profile: Parvez Babul is a health journalist in Bangladesh and write articles on health, nutrition, gender, women's empowerment, climate change and development issues in national international newspapers. His book: Women's Empowerment, Food Security and Climate Change has been published in February this year. He is the Convener of Bangladesh Climate Change Journalists Forum. He has been working to improve health and nutrition situation of the women and children in Bangladesh through working with an international voluntary organization. Parvez Babul welcomes email from the members of HIFA at: parvezbabulATyahoo.com, parvezbabulATgmail.com