Suicide Prevention Program

10 July, 2018

Dear All,

Suicide in India has become a silent epidemic in India now. Suicides and attempted suicides in youths rises sharply after publishing of the board examinations. Many students who could not score the desired marks in the examinations or who could not pass the examinations, commits suicides or attempts do it.

These suicides or attempted suicides are largely preventable by psychological counseling the students who are appear in the final board examinations. Vocational counseling can also be done by discussing the alternative vocations, which are available to them in case they do not get desired marks in the final examination and the different white color streams in the entrance test in Medical and or Engineering etc.

We would like to take up a project under Global Mental Health Care, published in HIFA few weeks back.

We would like to partner with an academician or a research institute based in UK, as according to the terms and condition, the primary investigator has to be from UK institutions.

I would like to request you, kindly reply to the mail, if any body is interested.


Dr.Tusharkanti Dey

HIFA profile: Tusharkanti Dey is a Community Health Specialist at the Center for Total Development in India. Professional interests: Developing community health projects based on ICT. He is a member of the HIFA working group on Healthcare Information for Citizens, Parents and Children.