Request for possible collaboration and support: Mekelle University, Ethiopia

2 January, 2019

Hello dear HIFA members (individuals and supporting organizations). Happy New Year and Merry Christ Mass. I wish a successful 2019 to all members!

On this occasion, I would like to request any organization and/or individual who would like to provide support in our effort to establish a strong health science or Medical education development center and quality assurance system in an institution who trains healthcare professionals and provides health care service to patients.

We do have dedicated leadership which is ready to collaborate with relevant stakeholders in any matter that improves the quality of education and health services

Just to give you a piece of brief information about college health science/Ayder comprehensive specialized hospital, Mekelle University.

Our mission is advancing the health of our people through customer-driven health services, quality education, and innovative research.

Our vision is to become one of the top 25 African centers of excellence in health services, health science education and research by 2025.

We do have 4200 students attending their study in 21 undergraduate, 30 postgraduate, 2PhD, and 10 specialty and 2 subspecialty programs. Of which 50% are medical students. At the same time, our hospital provides promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare services to more than 8 million clients from three regions of Ethiopia (Tigray, Afar, and Amhara). The hospital has 500 inpatient beds and we are constructing oncology and nuclear medicine center. Regarding the patient flow, on the average more than 200,000 outpatients, more than 18,000 inpatients, more than 6200 major surgeries and 4000 deliveries receive service annually. We do have 2500 staff. There are 30 subspecialists and 60 specialists.

Dr. Amanuel Haile (MD, Internist) is the chief executive director of the college and he is eager to work with anyone who is interested to improve the quality of health science education and healthcare. There are four directorates under him, namely; The institutional transformation and Quality assurance directorate, Chief clinical directorate, Chief academic and research directorate and chief administration and business development directorate. Hence, I am expressing the readiness of our college and hospital to establish meaningful partnerships in the area of quality of health science education and healthcare and we welcome to everyone who wants to work with us. We are happy to find a partner who can support us in establishing a center for health professional education which can be the hub for masters training in health science/medical education.

Kindly find the contact address of the chief executive director. In the meantime, our management will discuss to be HIFA supporting organization.

Name: Dr. Amanuel Haile Abrha

Position: Chief Executive Director


Phone Number: +251914314856

Website: College of Health Sciences

P.O.B. 1871

Fax: 251-034-441-66-81/91

Name: Dr. Hayelom Kebede

Position: Chief academic and research director


Phone Number: +251986778617

Name: Dr. Rieye Esayas

Position: Chief clinical directorate


Phone Number: +2519300465227

Name: Mr. Muse Tesfay

Position: Chief administration and business development directorate


Phone Number:+251937448437

Kind regards;

Beyene Meressa Adhena

Director, Institutional Transformation Quality Assurance, college of health science/Ayder comprehensive specialized hospital

Assistant Professor of Public Health @School of Public Health, Mekelle, Ethiopia



Interested in Education and healthcare Quality improvement and social and behavior change communication on reproductive and nutrition services

HIFA profile: Beyene Meressa is a lecturer at Mekelle University, Ethiopia. Professional interests: research in priority health problems and project design and implementation improve public health. beyene2006m AT